YouWave For PC, Android Emulator For PC

Whenever we want to play Games or run Apps from other Platforms on Pc we need emulators to make an Environment inside that OS to run the Applications. All of Us may have used the Emulators in the past like NEOGEO, PS2 and PS3 Emulators To play their Games on our Laptops or Desktop computers Running a Windows OS or a MAC.

YouWave For PC:

Previously we posted some other emulators to run Android apps on PC, while the iPadian allows you to run iOS apps on Windows PC or Mac, here we have another one that does the exact same job, but the only difference is that it is exclusively made for Windows only. The best part about the YouWaveis that it allows the SDcard functionality, thus allowing you to save games and also those games which requires the additional data downloading, can also be played on YouWave, something that was missing from Bluestacks from the beginning. YouWave supports the Android 4.0 ICS only, so those games which requires the latest Android version, they won’t work on this emulator like any other else.

YouWave also features, online Multi-player gaming support along with the Dynamic rotation like what you see on your Mobile. This emulator is the best alternative of BlueStacks and it also has premium support, means you have to purchase the Activation key in order to use it for eternity, till then you can try the Trial version. We are here to show you how to download and install the YouWave Emulator along with the way to install any Android app on it ,without further ado, let us continue.

YouWave For PC

Downloads Links:

Download YouWave For PC : [Link]

How to Install YouWave:

  • Download YouWave from above link.
  • Run the .exe file.
  • Once the Installation is over, you’ll be prompted to Choose whether you want to purchase the Key or try the Trail version, Choose as you see fit.
  • That’s it for the Installation.

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