Crime City for PC (Windows & Mac)

Crime city for pc

Download Crime City for PC from Here is another smart featured game from Android market. Crime City for PC is now available on your PC. It is basically role playing game you have to build your own mafia and rule the city yourself. Those of you who loved the age of …

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Respawnables for PC (Windows & Mac)

Respawnables for pc

Download Respawnables for PC from Hello shooter and gangsters a game worth playing and enjoying is coming your way and on your PC as well. Those who loved the GTA kind of games can not wish any thing else now. Respawnables for PC is an amazing game all you do is …

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Clean Master for PC (Windows & Mac)

Clean Master for PC

Download Clean Master for PC from Yes the master is here again and this time Clean master is here to clean you PC. Clean Master for PC is the best optimizer avalble in the market right now. For Android phones it was a huge success and now you have all …

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Racing Fever for PC (Windows & Mac)

Racing Fever for PC

Download Racing Fever for PC from Hello racing lovers hope you guys would be bored playing all the same PC racing games. Now its tiem to shift to the racing world which you have never imagined before. Since PC games are very advanced and much better in graphics and controls. …

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Touchnote for PC (Windows & Mac)

Touchnote for PC

Download Toiuchnote for PC from You have a birthday of a friend or you have to wish a friend a happy anniversary. Now every thing is a click away. Touchnote is an amazing app form Android market that allows you to send any postcard or a greeting card to …

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Magic App Free Calls for PC (Windows & Mac)

Magic App Free Calls for PC

Download Magic App Free Calls for PC from Making free calls and messages was never so easy than it is now. We have many apps which uses internet and provide you with free calling, messaging and even sharing video calls and video messages. With Magic App Free Calls app you …

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Crossy Road for PC (Windows & Mac)

Crossy Road for pc

Download Crossy Road for PC from Do you guys remember the game we use to play in old days. A weird character crossing road and you are trying not hit it with any traffic. Here it is the newest version of the same game. Crossy Road is an amazing …

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Flick Shoot UK for PC (Windows & Mac)

Flick Shoot UK for pc

Download Flick Shoot UK for PC from With all the amazing games available on the google store Flick Shoot UK is the best free kick game by the Mindcarft developers. It is the best free kick game. From graphics to player and controls you will find this game for nothing but …

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GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC

GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC

Download GUNSHIP BATTLE Helicopter 3D for PC from PhoneAppsForPC.Net. Gunship Battle: Helicopter 3D is an action game in the third person in which players can pilot a helicopter gunship. And face different missions that we have to meet very specific goals. In some missions (especially the first) our objectives will be …

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Giant Boulder of Death for PC (Windows & MAC)

Giant Boulder of Death for PC

Download Giant Boulder of Death for PC from PhoneAppsForPC.Net. Giant Boulder is now available for PC thanks to the third party Emulators. We can now play all the Android and iOS games and Run all their Apps on PC. Its a blessing for those of us who do not own any …

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