Andy For PC, Android Emulator For PC

Whenever we want to play Games or run Apps from other Platforms on Pc we need emulators to make an Environment inside that OS to run the Applications. All of Us may have used the Emulators in the past like NEOGEO, PS2 and PS3 Emulators To play their Games on our Laptops or Desktop computers Running a Windows OS or a MAC.

Andy For PC:

Now that one has open a way, others are sure to make it even better, this is an endless circle that will keep rotating till the end. So, at first it was Bluestacks, then came others, and now my favorite and in my opinion the best one is the Andy the Android Emulator. It does all the job of BlueStacks and YouWave and also provides a lot more features and the best part that it is totally free. Furthermore it provides full Android UI, you can Sync your Mobile with PC using Andy, thus allowing you to use your PC and your Mobile on a Single screen, you can even use your Phone as the Controller.

Along with these features,this device also has the integration to your Phones camera and Microphone, you can directly run the apps from Desktop and you can even Access android local file system. The cloud sync allows you to save your data, thus removing the restriction of limited storage in your Mobile. In my opinion, this is the best Android Emulator available and we are here to show you How to Install it and also how to install any Android app or game on it.

An interesting fact: when developers make online casino app Australia, they first use emulators to analyze the display of the application on different devices. Only after the first release do testers view the app product on phones.

Andy For PC

Downloads Links:

Download Andy For PC : [Link]

How to Install Andy Emulator:

  • Download the Andy For PC from above Link.
  • if you Encounter any Warnings Proceed without any worries.
  • Run Andy.exe with Administrative rights.
  • Complete the Installations By Following the On Screen Instructions.
  • Delete the Andy.exe File after the Installation is Complete as you wont be needing it Again.
  • That’s All for the Installation of Andy For PC.


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