In the past few years, users have preferred mobile devices to desktop PCs. Surfing the Internet is one of the most popular activities for which it is not necessary to sit in front of a computer or laptop. In fact, in addition to talking, people post status updates on social media and play games through their phone and also play casinos online Colombia

In this context, using Android emulators to play mobile games or run an application on a computer may seem counterintuitive. But in fact, the number of people using Android emulators is increasing. Why? Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons why a user might want to use a mobile app on their home/work PC.

Android emulator gives you a bigger screen

Constant, staring at your phone harms your spine because people tend to tilt their neck. This pose is definitely not very good for your health. Going from a small phone screen to a big computer screen is a head start, plus the big screen also has a better display. This greatly improves your tapping accuracy in games like Vainglory. Keyboard typing supported in Nox App Player also makes interaction more efficient.

Saving mobile phone battery

Cell phone batteries are small and light for portability, but that also means they can't last very long. Powerful games heat up your phone and drain your battery very quickly. No one wants to lose a battle because your phone has died and switched off at the very last moment. Using the Android emulator, you will never have to worry about power. You can watch videos, play or stay connected to your favorite game for as long as you need.

Running multiple applications or using multiple accounts at the same time

Imagine being able to watch videos on any video sharing app without interrupting your WhatsApp conversation or using multiple accounts to play at the same time. It's wonderful, isn't it? While not all Android emulators have this feature, with Nox App Player you can run multiple Android instances on your PC screen at the same time. Control your game on one, watch videos on the other, and follow a WhatsApp conversation on one big screen! Would you turn down such an opportunity?

The emulator allows you to replace a top-end Android phone

Mobile games are not only casual games. There are more and more hardcore games with a deep story and complex gameplay. Accordingly, for a smooth and fast game, graphics and a display of a top-end device are required. The Android emulator will save you the budget of replacing your phone as you can get this most "virtual top Android phone" on your PC for free.

Access mobile apps from PC

With the growth of smartphones and mobile networks, there are many applications that meet the specific needs of people. However, some of them, such as Instagram, are designed to work only on mobile devices. For people who would like to access these services in a more "traditional" way from a PC, an Android emulator is a great solution.